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      Antique Chinese Furniture-Beautiful, Functional and Affordable.

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      Welcome to our on-line collection of exotic Asian furniture - from Chinese antique cabinets to ceramic garden stools and beautiful home furnishings, such as Jingdazhen porcelains and fukusa silk pillows. Since 1999, Silk Road Collection has journeyed to China to hand-select pieces of Chinese antique furniture for your Silk Road "collection".

      We collect with you, your 搕raveled?taste, and your creative design style in mind.

      For those of you who have traveled to Asia, or who simply love Asian style furniture, select from our antique collection and feature a taste of Oriental furniture in your own home.

      Feel confident and secure shopping our site. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Our customer-focused staff is readily available to assist you.

      Our authentic collection of Chinese and Tibetan antique furniture was handcrafted between 100 to over 350 years ago and is representative of the Qing (Ching) and Ming Dynasty. This era of beautiful Chinese furniture is varied in style, function, sophistication, finish and wood type.

      Our accessory collection of magnificent finds from China, mostly antique, includes our Chinese tapestries, blue and white porcelain, lacquered ware, sacred figures and shipwreck pottery.

      Browse through our collection categories to the left, or select these links for rare antique treasures; altar tables; armoires, buffets and cabinets; chairs, benches, and stools; tables and desks; wooden screens; Asian influenced art; and antique porcelain.

      For creative ways to use Asian furniture in your home, visit our creative uses page to find suggestions for coffee and cocktail tables; entertainment cabinets; and furniture for your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and office.

      Read Donald抯 decorating tips and read how others have used Chinese antique furniture in their homes.

      We hope you enjoy reading about us, our journeys, and our collection.

      Welcome! Browse, Imagine and Enjoy.

      Donald & Robert
      Donald St.Pierre and Robert Turner

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